HTML isn’t a programming language!

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A lHTML ot of people make this common error everyday and quite frankly, it’s driving me insane! Seriously, if I got a pound for every time someone thought HTML was a programming language, I would never have to work again in my life!

So what is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language (clue’s in the name) that is used for ‘describing’ web documents. Your web browser translates what many people would describe as a mess, into something visually that we can all see.

Does every website use HTML?

It’s a worldwide standard to use HTML or xHTML for web page design. This markup language is the strict minimum requirement for any web browser and using something else would render web browsers useless at showing the page! Of course, we can’t be certain that every website in existence uses HTML, but we can confirm that the large overriding majority do!

What’s the difference between a programming language & Markup language?

If you were asked to write an if statement in HTML, you’d be stuck, if you were asked to write a while loop, you’d be stuck and if you were asked to write a program that calculates the answer to 1+1 by taking two inputs, in HTML alone, you would simply not be able to! This is because markup languages do not provide instructions, just information! However if we take Javascript, which is a dynamic computer programming language that is not the same as Java that was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which has since merged into Oracle Corporation! Javascript resides inside HTML and allows dynamic websites! If you’ve ever seen anything really cool with websites, the chances are that cool thing was written in javascript! Programming languages like javascript allow commands including if statements, while loops and logical as well as arithmetic functions (like the 1+1 analogy above) and can display the information on screen!

Can I have another example?HTML

Sure! Imagine a car, we’ll say a Lamborghini Huracan, as pictured on the right, for a reference point. Markup language would be the tools to design the body and design, whereas the programming language would be there to create more complex parts like the engine and the technical gizmos inside the car!

So Does HTML still count as coding?

Yes it still counts, but you can’t call yourself a programmer if you only know HTML or any form of markup language for that matter. programming languages require a lot more logical thinking to instruct the system on what to do, whereas markup such as HTML only requires use of tags, which is simple by comparison! It is however a good skill to be able to code in HTML as there is a lot of demand for web design at the moment! You can read more about this topic here

So what do you think, are we being overly pedantic with the terminology of programming and coding or should they be defined as the same thing? Do you still think HTML should be a programming language and why? Let me know in the comments below. Also don’t forget to share the post!


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