Well It’s Friday, Have Some Stuff

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Blimey someone’s had their weetabix this morning. The train driver drove completly past platform 1b and decided to stop at platform 1a. “That’s so rivetting Alex,” I hear you say. I most certainly have not had my weetabix today; I’ve managed to rub wax into my eyebrow and not my hair. I could go get it cut, but then it’d be ridiculously thin and where’s the fun in that? 

This week I’ve been listening to the album space cadet by Nigel Good and I must say it’s pretty delightful. I especially enjoy the third track called An adventure  which I’m sure is something that I am driving everyone insane with at the moment. I hum it to myself quite a bit. I’ll probably be whistling it next week to calm myself down. 

In other news, I’m out of lemons and as a result, I seem to be disorientated. It’s probably nothing, but I’m going to the doctors next Wednesday where he’ll probably say that I need to drink more water (which I have been) or eat more food (despite the fact that I can eat most people out of house and home already) or moan at me because I haven’t given blood in a while and I have too much iron in my system. Well either those things or he’ll say that I have some sort of mental illness (just what I need to be diagnosed with before my practise expedition). Lame joking aside though, I feel fine, just a bit lighter in the head. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have much to think about. 

Anyway I think I’ll wrap this one up here. This is Alex signing off for the weekend. Enjoy yourselves!

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