Ah Seattle, I Could Get Used To You

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So it’s 2am again and yet again, I’m being told off for still being awake. I doubt I’ll finish this post in one short session, so this’ll probably come at some really weird time or on a regular scheduled post slot. 

Adventure Awaits!

I wanted the freedom to do some exploring, so I decided to get a rental car and so after going through the ridiculously long process of looking for a rental company, who will actually be willing to lend me a car (and of course the joys of insurance), I signed my life away and was handed the keys to a very nice Toyota Camry. Now usually, I’m not really a fan of Toyotas, they look like the sort of thing some old man would drive. 

The only gripe I have with him is his lack of orange paint!

I decided to call this car Seraphina as a tribute to a character from my favourite webcomic, unordinary. My girlfriend, who came to meet me at the airport, decided that it looked more like a bloke and so we settled for Joshua. 
Now because my core sleeping hours are between 10pm and 1:30am, I was able to readjust my sleeping pattern quite well on the plane. Naturally, I wasn’t tired, so I dropped off my girlfriend, let her sleep (because she was quite clearly exahausted) and drove around the 217 square kilometres that the city has to offer. Now by far the most impressive building that is in Seattle is probably the space needle! 

This little guy is 604 feet tall. That’s approximately 184 metres or (for those of you who are hyper nerds) 6 metres shorter than the Gherkin! Shhhh, no I did not ask my Google assistant for any of these figures… Let tell you, the skyline here is far more impressive than that of many cities I have visited. My early morning drive also got me well aquainted with the area. 

Before I knew it, 9AM rolled around

And man, was I hungry. Sure I could’ve just gone to McDonald’s and bought a hashbrown and a greasy breakfast bap, but if your girlfriend offers to make you proper American style pancakes, you’re not likely to refuse are you? They were pretty darn good and certainly sated the appetite I worked up from my midnight wanderings. 

And then we went to the furry convention

Now my character is a lion called Archon, my girlfriend’s is a more simplistic, but is still rather effective! Now for those of you who haven’t done their research, there tends to be quite a large amount of drinking at these things, so we left Joshua and took some public transport.

When we arrived, I was pretty amazed

Fursuits are pretty darn cool, but they’re also pretty darn expensive, hence why, I don’t own one. Everyone was pretty friendly and exclaimed “Omg you’re British.” because apparently, I have the most British accent in the world! I’m not really sure what to say about it really other than you should probably go to one, because what’s not fun about interacting with a load of people about something interesting? Anyway we eventually staggered out (too much wine) and headed to some place for dinner!

Possibly the best burger restaurant?

I’m not going to argue here, red robin is probably one of the finest burger joints that I have ever had the pleasure of dining at. Of course a Whiskey River® BBQ burger and a bottomless glass of iced tea is probably by far the best combination. 

Come on now, go to sleep

I’m being beckoned to sleep, but I still want to explore, so before my phone is snatched away by her, I shall bid you all goodnight More stories for another time! 

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