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Tetracious Frustration is the official blog of Alex Wornast that first materialised on the 21st of January 2014 that was most notable for its notepad design. Tetracious Frustration has truly come a long way since then and is now a place where I post about my everyday experiences, gabblings of recent affairs, events and things and also my creative writing.


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Which brings us on to the common question of what ‘Tetracious’ actually means.

Tetracious Means:

But To Most People?

The word 'Tetracious' has no definitive meaning

Go ahead and Google it, but you won't find a definition for it.

This means that it means whatever you want it to mean!

So yes that means that if you so wish, it could mean cat, dog or profanity. But as you'd expect, it's not a real word

But to me specifically it's

But most specifically

That would be me. Hello there, I’m Alex the Alpha Nerd and this is my blog Tetracious Frustration. I guess that’s kind of obvious really isn’t it? I’ve been on this rock they call earth for ninteen years, which hasn’t been an overly bad experience. I’ve used Linux, love technology and of course the outdoors. When I;m not blogging I’m either at work, on a train, reading books or socialising. Of course I have my methods, I have my theories and they work. So on the whole, I guess you could say things are pretty good for me.

I have a few sayings that I like to live by

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    Try Everything!

    You’re more likely to wish you had if you don’t.

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    Tea Is Always A Good idea.

    Seriously, it’s a great way of shifting brain fog.

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    Even The Complex Can Be Simple.

    It’s how you perceive things that determines their complexity.

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    Trust Your Intuition.

    Because the chances are, it’s probably right.

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    Be Decisive!

    Because quite frankly, indecisiveness gets you nowehere!

But I think this question can probably be answered better by using a word cloud.

So why is my blog called Tetracious Frustration?

What an absolutely smashing question! I was hoping you’d ask that. You see in 2014 I was trying to come up with a word that explained the way I thought and acted. I figured the manner I handled most things was adaptable, but at the same time, a rather angry person. So I guess you could say that the original definition for tetracious was adaptable.

Do you accept guest posts?

Currently the guest postinbg system is down. It will be back up again in the future. If you are interested in guest posting or collaboration, then please feel free to contact me.

What about those glasses?

Ah you mean alpha raedons? Perspective specs, in other words, they help you see things from the perspective of another person. Although they don’t exist, they have made an appearance in many places after I had a dream about them in 2011. It is however true that I have never fully explained what alpha raedons were. They have instead been briefly described and made appearances in many places of the internet, although they are most notably known from when I used to play minecraft.

The Classics!

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  • Connector.

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The Explainers!

  • Connector.

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The Favoured!

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  • Connector.

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    Again, a very much loved post.

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    A Disjointed Gif Post

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And that’s about it really!


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