And Where The Hell Have You Been?

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Hi there… It’s been a while huh? I suppose you want an explanation as to where I have been for these past months. No unfortunately I have not been sunning myself on a nice beach in Bali, nor have I been relaxing in the hot springs in Iceland. Seriously, though, I could really do with a break from my life. I think that’s probably why I enjoy camping so much. Because I can go completely off-grid for a week and forget about everything. A clear and empty mind, which fills up pretty quickly with junk the minute that I get home. 

But these are exciting times for me

I’ve always liked change. Most people I know absolutely hate it, but I guess that is to be expected really. My attitudes are changing to allow me to be a much more tolerant person. I guess I’ve always been tolerant, I mean I do accept a lot of things. I do choose to shrug my shoulders at a lot of things people are quick to judge on. 

There are probably some people who just read that and said “really?”

And to which I shall respond, “if you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me.” Because that’s really what tolerance is. 

2016 has been tough though

But it has been very rewarding. Sure it’s changed my perspective on many things. And financially it has been very good, even though I did spend a small fortune on the new Google phone and £150 on colour changing lightbulbs…

Oh so tough on you Alex…

Okay it really hasn’t been all that bad, I’ve just been distracted by a few things. I guess in the grand scheme of things. 

But that’s enough about this year’s review, that’s still to come

That’s gonna be a real Christmas cracker. Facebook always does a rubbish job at that. What I post here is much more detailed. 

So where have I been?

I’ve been at work, I’ve been at home, I’ve been in London. Nothing special. I just took an extremely long hiatus without any warning. I did give blood for the sixth time last month, so that was pretty good. I dunno why, but I always leave the donation hall in an extremely elated mood. I am assured that skipping is certainly a very manly thing to do. I’m not so sure I agree. And then of course I am in the middle of writing an autobiography at the moment, which I keep ripping up and starting from scratch on. 

But that’s just the way it is 

So I’ll get some new content to you pretty soon.  Ta rah!

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