April Alignment

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The sun is out, the summer is here!

Er Alex? It’s April!

It’s a horrifying thought to think that I’m twenty in two months and two days. I spent the weekend brushing up on my Civ strategies, playing piano and writing blog posts that I ended up binning this morning. I also attained an utterly brilliant sunburn. I must truly thank the sunshine for giving me the ruddy complexion of a hardened drinker… 

I also found time to watch in the loop

A political satire with a lot of swearing from Peter Capaldi. I think I may have talked about the thick of it on here once or twice before, which features the same sweary Malcolm Tucker. As I’m sure I’ve said before, he makes a much better spin doctor than the Doctor’s latest regeneration. I guess a part of me wants him to start cursing his sweaty balls off…

But yes, admittedly, it is April…

A month where last year, I finally made my mind up. A month where I said “sure.” It was also a month when I started running again. I’ve always liked April, it’s usually the month that makes most sense to me. I know that sounds pretty vague (like most of the things I say) but if I look through my diaries over the years, the entries there just look very different to the rest of the year.

And April isn’t summer

I’m so glad that we’ve reached a consensus, April isn’t summer. I’m so proud that you figured that one out on your own! Have a medal while I go bang my head against a desk for the next eight hours, in an effort to get this program working. Ta rah for now!

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