Make Android Almost Un-hackable

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Some people just don’t understand how easy it is these days to hack into any electronic device that we own. Mobile phones have evolved from that electronic brick that sat in your pocket that made and received both phone calls and text messages, to a touch-screen portable computer that contains lots of information about you. This information about you is …


Gazon – A Virus That Spreads Through SMS!

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My posting schedule has been interrupted yet again by a malware outbreak on Android! That’s right, it appears that the offer of ‘free amazon vouchers’ is too good to be true. Well what did you expect in a world riddled with hackers in a digital age? What Is This ‘Gazon’ Malware Thingy? Gazon follows in the footsteps of earlier Android …


LastPass – Why You Need It!

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Most people use the same old password for everything, thinking that their accounts are secure, because they’ve locked it with a fancy password including numbers, capital letters and a special character. What you’ll actually find that they’ve done is used their favourite twitter hashtag to protect their bank details and the name of their cat to restrict access to their …

Privacy Has Never Been An Absolute Right!

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These are the words of the new GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan. He claims that major US technology companies are “in denial” as to how their services are being used by extremist groups such as ISIS. Hannigan has requested that tech companies should be more cooperative in sharing user information, stating that “privacy has never been an absolute right.” Hannigan has …

RATs – Remote Access Trojan

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A RAT (not to be confused with the long tail rodents) is a type of trojan horse malware program. This specific malware program gives an intruder administrative control over a target computer and are usually downloaded invisibly with a user-requested program such as games or a humble email attachment. Despite the fact that Trojan horses are unable to replicate themselves like …

Shellshock – biggest security risk since heartbleed!

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In April 2014, one of the most major bugs in the computer world was disclosed. We called it Heartbleed. Heartbleed was a security bug found in the OpenSSL cryptography library. It was using this vulnerability allowed attackers to get information including those juicy bank details! Shellshock, disclosed on the 24 September 2014, is a bug that was found in ‘Bashed …

WiFi dilemas?

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on Sunday after a heavy downpour, my Father walked upstairs grunting in his usual manor and kicking up a fuss about the WiFi. I personally have never had any major issues with my laptop or my phone for that matter, which is surprising as nearly everyone I know has internet issues! I braced myself for the bog standard routine of …

Alex’s Guide For Rescue Discs

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What is a rescue disc? If your computer is running or behaving stranger than usual, this could be due to a problem with your system. The most likely cause of this problem is viruses and other types of malware. Most people believe that anti-virus software can completely remove viruses, however many anti-virus softwares can end up infected showing more or …

GCHQ tracking YouTube and Facebook data

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I doubt this will be a surprise for most people, but your usage of the internet is being monitored, yet again by the Government! the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which are Britain’s main security agency have been keeping track of YouTube traffic. There have also been similar cases found in Facebook as well as blogger and blogspot pages. This information …