At last a robot I actually like

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So Asus have created a robot that costs no more than a smartphone. What does it do Unfortunately Asus have not created J.A.R.V.I.S, what they have created is effectively a rolling personal computer. It has a camera with facial recognition that’s capable of making video calls, so you can Skype your transatlantic cousins whilst cooking dinner. It can also monitor …


Is Flash Really Dead?

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Ask any computer science teacher in the country and they’ll tell you one simple thing. “Flash is dead.” The curriculum leader at my Secondary School, which was also my sixth form college, was particularly adamant on this issue. He would actually regularly exercise his view about flash being dead nearly every lesson when I was in year 12. The rest …

Windows 10

A Letter To Microsoft | RE: Windows 10

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Dear Microsoft, Congratulations for releasing your shiny highly anticipated operating system. I know this letter is a little bit late, but I wanted to take the time to appreciate the over friendly new system. So let’s cut to the chase, you know I left the Windows scene in 2013, I even adopted android to replace my Lumia! I assumed that …


What’s The Wi-Fi Password?

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The most common question asked by my generation is not “What’s a cheeky Nando’s”, like a lot of people think it is, no it’s more like “what’s the Wi-Fi password?”.  It saddens me to think that many people are addicted to this technology that really shouldn’t dictate our lives, but it’s pretty clear that it obviously does. Okay Wi-Fi is …


Read Faster With Spritz

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About a week ago, I was sent an amazing resource consisting of various cool things. I was surprised actually, considering when I usually receive links that lead to Imgur, I generally feel like throwing up the sandwich that I just ate. Now one of the things I found on here was how to read faster and found a fascinating piece …


PPLConnect – Join The Continuity Club

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Some of us (if not all of us) like to check our phones regularly when we’re working on our computers, playing games on them or just generally browsing the internet. The fact of the matter is that because you are constantly switching devices, you’re actually decreasing your productivity. What PPLConnect aims to do is to boost your productivity by allowing you …

Smart TV

So called ‘Smart TVs’

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So on Saturday the 22nd of November, after getting up at the stupidly late time of 11:00AM, my father decided that it would be a great idea to go to Curry’s & PCWorld to have a look at a special type of television known as a smart television. He’s been going on about getting one for the past month pretty …

Why I don’t like tablets

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We’ve all seen the 7-10 inch screen phones that you can’t call or text from or even carry in your pocket for that matter! In my opinion, tablet PCs are the most useless device that humankind has ever created! The tablet computer was first brought into existence in 2000 by none other than Bill Gates. The first time the word …


Firefox – 10 years of choice

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On Monday the 10th of November 2014, Mozilla Firefox celebrated their 10th birthday. I was first introduced to Firefox in version 3.5 in September of 2009 through the maths block computers. The maths block computers were in fact the first computers to have Mozilla Firefox installed, but the browser was quickly installed on most of the computers around the school. …


Evernote – Extremely Useful Note-taking Suite

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In day-to-day life, we all have a monster amount of information to remember! Evernote is a note-taking suite that is similar to Microsoft’s OneNote. Like OneNote, it is available for desktop, mobile and can even be accessed by your web browser whilst online. It’s extremely useful if you want to write something down, take a picture of something important that …

Chromebooks – What’s The Deal With Them?

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Last Tuesday, I went to Crawley, hoping to bump into a friend of mine. In the end, I took the 281 (A less direct route than the 400 I usually take) by mistake and decided to get off the bus at three bridges station. Needless to say, she wasn’t there and so I ended up taking a stroll through the …

Elementary OS

Elementary OS – Is It Any Good?

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Now I’m no apple fan, I avoid using Macs and often take the mickey from anyone who wishes to use the operating system for anything other than composing music. While Macs like any other computer have their upsides and downsides, this post is not actually about the apple designed to operating system, but is in fact about Elementary OS. What …

Bad Move Microsoft!

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Windows 7 home premium is by far the most loved of all operating systems worldwide and will no longer be able to sold on the 31st of October 2014. This will make it impossible to get your hands on such a great feat in software engineering! With this in mind, it is imperative that future versions of Microsoft’s operating system are successful …

Microsoft Makers Of Mistakes?

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It’s no mystery that Microsoft have decided to skip windows nine and move straight to windows 10! To be completely and utterly honest, Microsoft hasn’t had the best reputation recently considering that windows 8 actually has a worse uptake than vista! In an article written by computer world, author Preston Gralla, he states that Windows 8 ran on 13.6% of all …

Utopic Unicorn – Ubuntu Users Don’t Want It!

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It’s October again and the creators of Ubuntu Canonical have been hard at work with the latest bleeding edge release of Ubuntu 14.10 named ‘Utopic Unicorn’! Last October, we saw the release of 13.10 ‘Saucy Salamander’, which had many new features including Smart Scopes, Keyboard Language selection, In Dash payments and compiz improvements, which to be honest was the thing …

The Days The Internet Stood Still

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On Friday the 26th Of September, I awoke from my slumber at 09:15, because that’s what you do on inset days, you catch up on sleep that you’ve missed! After wandering around and going about my daily routine on this inset day, I realised that the broadband connection was off. This was surprisingly peculiar as my internet connection is generally …

HTML isn’t a programming language!

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A lot of people make this common error everyday and quite frankly, it’s driving me insane! Seriously, if I got a pound for every time someone thought HTML was a programming language, I would never have to work again in my life! So what is HTML? Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language (clue’s in the name) that is used for …

What’s With The New Apple Watch?

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In the last couple of weeks, Apple have officially announced a so-called ‘apple watch’. The company is claiming that it is the first wearable piece of technology that presents messages, Facebook updates and also provides some handy simplified apps to the user. In addition to this, the device will be fitted with the much-loved Apple personal assistant Siri, practically removing …