It’s All About Rain

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Ah the rain, a weather condition commonly associated with Britain, where many claim that it never stops raining. Hated by many, but relied upon to top-up our water supplies of rivers, reservoirs and groundwater storage. What is rain? Rain is condensed aqueous vapour that is found in the atmosphere that ‘falls to the ground’ in drops of an approximate diameter …

Somerset Levels Flooding : What You Need To Know!

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In January, the people of Somerset faced a major issue, flooding. What were the causes and the consequences of Somerset flooding and should dredging have been done sooner to prevent this from happening? General Facts The Causes Most of Somerset is low-lying –  which means that it is vulnerable to spring tides and high tides. Ground Saturation – due to …

February flooding?

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The environmental agency enforced a warning yet again for more flooding to some parts of the UK last weekend. Those in affected areas were advised to take advice from the environmental agency. We have had the wettest January on record with some areas of the UK receiving 220% more than the 1981-2010 average. This antecedent rain has caused ground saturation …