LastPass – Why You Need It!

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Most people use the same old password for everything, thinking that their accounts are secure, because they’ve locked it with a fancy password including numbers, capital letters and a special character. What you’ll actually find that they’ve done is used their favourite twitter hashtag to protect their bank details and the name of their cat to restrict access to their …

Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Gift Ideas To Get Your Nerd This Christmas

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Ask anyone who celebrates Christmas, it gets harder every year. You’ve probably asked your friends what they want for Christmas and they’ve probably already told you. It seems the lists get shorter every year, or at least with everyone I know. The question on everyone’s lips, “what do you get for the man who has everything?” and the answer is …

Shellshock – biggest security risk since heartbleed!

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In April 2014, one of the most major bugs in the computer world was disclosed. We called it Heartbleed. Heartbleed was a security bug found in the OpenSSL cryptography library. It was using this vulnerability allowed attackers to get information including those juicy bank details! Shellshock, disclosed on the 24 September 2014, is a bug that was found in ‘Bashed …

The Days The Internet Stood Still

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On Friday the 26th Of September, I awoke from my slumber at 09:15, because that’s what you do on inset days, you catch up on sleep that you’ve missed! After wandering around and going about my daily routine on this inset day, I realised that the broadband connection was off. This was surprisingly peculiar as my internet connection is generally …