Make Android Almost Un-hackable

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Some people just don’t understand how easy it is these days to hack into any electronic device that we own. Mobile phones have evolved from that electronic brick that sat in your pocket that made and received both phone calls and text messages, to a touch-screen portable computer that contains lots of information about you. This information about you is …


Tinder Is Dreadful And Here’s Why!

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We’ve all probably heard of the infamous swipe right or left app that over the past few years has developed a pretty large user base. Over the years, it’s changed its purpose multiple times and ultimately become utterly rubbish, homing only validation seekers and cock teasers. You’ll probably need therapy once you finally realise how much of a waste of …


Gazon – A Virus That Spreads Through SMS!

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My posting schedule has been interrupted yet again by a malware outbreak on Android! That’s right, it appears that the offer of ‘free amazon vouchers’ is too good to be true. Well what did you expect in a world riddled with hackers in a digital age? What Is This ‘Gazon’ Malware Thingy? Gazon follows in the footsteps of earlier Android …


Forest – Put That Phone Down!

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Last Friday, I found this interesting app under the productivity section of the Android play store called forest. Well I say that it was interesting, but really it’s an app designed to stop you from being distracted by your phone when you need to focus. All right, so for those of you who have never heard of the app called …


BT Buy EE – Deal Is Confirmed!

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About a month ago, rumours were flooding the internet over the speculation of a deal between BT and valued mobile telecommunications company EE. Today, we’re all reading the same stuff, “BT is buying out EE for £12.5bn.” That’s right, BT decided that O2 weren’t good enough for their plans of re-entry to the mobile market and to be honest who …

Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Gift Ideas To Get Your Nerd This Christmas

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Ask anyone who celebrates Christmas, it gets harder every year. You’ve probably asked your friends what they want for Christmas and they’ve probably already told you. It seems the lists get shorter every year, or at least with everyone I know. The question on everyone’s lips, “what do you get for the man who has everything?” and the answer is …


All You Need To Know About NFC

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So you’ve bought a new phone and you’ve seen that one of the features that you’ve is NFC. You’ve probably had a quick glance at the instruction manual (or not) and found absolutely nothing about it. Well fear not, here’s all the information you need on NFC. What Is NFC NFC stands for Near field communication and is a type …


PPLConnect – Join The Continuity Club

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Some of us (if not all of us) like to check our phones regularly when we’re working on our computers, playing games on them or just generally browsing the internet. The fact of the matter is that because you are constantly switching devices, you’re actually decreasing your productivity. What PPLConnect aims to do is to boost your productivity by allowing you …

Okay Google, Write Me A Blog Post!

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Google has been around for some time now and it’s getting a lot smarter. Of course, we’re all being watched by Google and have been since the dawn of its existence, it’s what makes system refine search results that we as human beings desire! The popular search engine provides a service, like a waitress (or a waiter, no sexism here) at …