I messed around with Android, the results were surprising!

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Let’s talk about phones. Yes that massive hunk of expensive junk that lives in your pocket that probably isn’t going to last long before you savagely replace it with a “fantastic shiny new model”. Now I’m a fine one to talk In fact you could probably call me a hypocrite because I bought a Google Pixel XL 128GB on pre-order …

At last a robot I actually like

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So Asus have created a robot that costs no more than a smartphone. What does it do Unfortunately Asus have not created J.A.R.V.I.S, what they have created is effectively a rolling personal computer. It has a camera with facial recognition that’s capable of making video calls, so you can Skype your transatlantic cousins whilst cooking dinner. It can also monitor …


Is Flash Really Dead?

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Ask any computer science teacher in the country and they’ll tell you one simple thing. “Flash is dead.” The curriculum leader at my Secondary School, which was also my sixth form college, was particularly adamant on this issue. He would actually regularly exercise his view about flash being dead nearly every lesson when I was in year 12. The rest …


Minuum – Minimalistic Keyboard

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For those who don’t know, minuum is a minimalistic keyboard that is available for IOS and Android devices. Despite its glowing reviews on its download page on the Google play store, I personally think that the app is over-rated and vastly inferior to that of the Xperia international keyboard that my phone came installed with. Features Of Minuum Minuum has …


YouTube provides no profit to Google

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While the majority of the internet were moronically squabbling about the colour of an unsightly blue and black dress on Friday, I decided to look up more useful things on the internet. One article that was written on engadget last Thursday particularly caught my eye and that is the fact that YouTube still isn’t actually making any money for Google. …


Help cure cancer while you sleep with folding@home

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So I was browsing through drippler on my android device as I do pretty much every night and I came across an app from Sony for their Xperia KitKat Android devices known as ‘folding@home’. This app is part of the folding@home project created by Stanford university to uncover mysteries of protein folding to help fight diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, cystic …


All You Need To Know About NFC

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So you’ve bought a new phone and you’ve seen that one of the features that you’ve is NFC. You’ve probably had a quick glance at the instruction manual (or not) and found absolutely nothing about it. Well fear not, here’s all the information you need on NFC. What Is NFC NFC stands for Near field communication and is a type …


Read Faster With Spritz

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About a week ago, I was sent an amazing resource consisting of various cool things. I was surprised actually, considering when I usually receive links that lead to Imgur, I generally feel like throwing up the sandwich that I just ate. Now one of the things I found on here was how to read faster and found a fascinating piece …


PPLConnect – Join The Continuity Club

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Some of us (if not all of us) like to check our phones regularly when we’re working on our computers, playing games on them or just generally browsing the internet. The fact of the matter is that because you are constantly switching devices, you’re actually decreasing your productivity. What PPLConnect aims to do is to boost your productivity by allowing you …