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So it really has been quite a while since my last blog post and a lot has changed over these past sixty days. Some of you may have thought that I went missing in action, which I guess in some respects could be true, because I did go off grid for a bit.

I’ve been really really busy..

Is probably the most common excuse that people use. Most people’s definition of this phrase however involves them sitting in their pants, picking their bum and possibly spending most of their time browsing through reams and reams of social media posts. I however spent my most recent day off getting new tyres, getting the weekly shopping, coming up with an improvement strategy for the Tetracious brand and helping to run a campfire. On top of this, I still managed to find some time for piano practice and to finish off reading the art of super prediction.

But I will admit, I have also been quite distracted

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of field research on some theories that I’ve been reading about. These theories I will cover in a later post, although I suspect that most people will consider these to be somewhat questionable…

I was playing Hollow Knight

I realise that a lot of people reading this will have probably never even heard of Hollow Knight and if they do, it’s probably because I’ve been ranting and raving about it being the most amazing game ever! From this game however, I can conclude that I am rubbish at video games and that I should stick to programming and running, because those are the things I am good at.

I hate my writing!

In true Tetracious fashion, I wrote a few posts, proof read them, ended up not publishing them and chucking in a bin somewhere. In said there were also pictures of genitalia, which I had apparently shared on my local discord server on the 17th of August this year. I was rather surprised to find such things in there… In actuality, there was probably nothing wrong with these posts, I just go through phases of disliking my writing!

But to write a blog, one must have a life

I’m fairly sure someone said this in a film at some point, but I can’t remember for the life of me which film this was.

Speaking of life, I haven’t written much of my book yet

My book is due to be ready by June next year, when I will probably send it to everyone I know for proof reading. Now the title of this book hasn’t really been decided yet.

And like I say, many things have changed

Which is probably exactly what you’d expect, because nothing stays the same for long. I’ll save that all for other posts though, there’s far too much explain right now. Besides who has time for excuses? Because I certainly don’t, despite the fact I just used a load….

Catch you all later,


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