I poured custard onto my fish fingers

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So today for lunch, I had a fish finger wrap with custard. That’s right, following in the footsteps of Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor, I poured custard on to my fisher fingers. The whole office watched in horror (and tried not to spew) as I proceeded to devour this fishy treat.

And it was actually pretty tasty

At this point, you’re probably not sure if I’m telling the truth, so let me tell you what I tell everyone. If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me, that’s your choice though. This is not the first time that I have tried “fish custard”. In fact the first time I tried this strange combination was back in 2011, when the eleventh doctor came to the house of Amy (Amelia at the time) pond, claimed that he loved apples and then proceeded to spit it out and say “that’s disgusting, what is it?” And such was the birth of “apples are rubbish!”

Admittedly they are, but pears are much worse

I give apples a lot of stick, but admittedly, I don’t hate them. Actually, people would probably think I’m an apple lover because I even eat the core and the seeds. So why do I eat them? Mainly for the health benefits, but generally because it’s there. A pear on the other hand, well that just tastes wooly. 

But if I don’t eat this pear how can you rely on me in your time if need

This is what one of my work colleagues said to another work colleague after they said started eating a pear and said “I don’t have much love for this pear.” As if the ability to eat a pear or not is a matter of life and death 😂

But of course that’s just daft, because we’re all monkeys

I haven’t met someone who doesn’t like to eat bananas, hence my conclusion is that we’re all just monkeys and monkeys love bananas! Ooh ooh ah ah 

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