It’s June

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It’s been a while since my last post, too long in fact. I thought I’d write a post to let you know what’s going on.

I now use Britain’s biggest carpark every weekday

Of course, I am talking about the infamous M25, which in truth, for me, hasn’t been too bad yet. Now I have said this however, I’ll most likely be halted there until my twentieth birthday.

Introducing Truly Tetracious

A long time ago (four years ago), I had a YouTube channel. Now four years on, I will be returning to the wonderful video sharing site to resurrect a space style adventure in SCHINE’s sandbox universe of StarMade. Dates for release of this series are still to be decided, although I am delighted to say that recording is underway. The channel will also be a great extension to the blog.

The Tetrapod

Think of them more like audioposts, because that’s what podcasts are really. Well, at least in my eyes anyway.

Yes I do still make time to play the piano too

I honestly don’t know where I find all the time to do this stuff.

But yes, Tetracious is growing

Much like GreatTree in my favourite game of all time.

And thank you for all your comments, I’ve just read them all

And welcome to all my new regular readers!

Tetracious Merch?

Some of you might have heard rumours that I am in process of writing a book. This is true. I’m currently identifying a market for other merchandise including mugs, t-shirts and stuff.

What’s happening to the Tetranet?

The Tetranet project is still very much alive. If you have an idea for a blog post or would like to be featured on Tetracious, pop an email through to me at

And that’s about it

Stay tuned, fresh new posts coming soon!

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