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April is blogging month. That’s right, I was challenged to write thirty-one blog posts this month despite the fact that April only possesses thirty days. It’s day six now and I haven’t published a single post. In fact, I’ve written a load of tripe (like I usually do) and proceeded to chuck the majority of my posts in the bin.

So today I thought I’d write about lists.

At the start of this year, I created a bullet journal, not the sort you’d find on Instagram, but a functional one that has a similar level of chaos to it as the inner complexities of how my mind works. You see my way of simplifying things makes it difficult for other people to understand because lots of assumptions have to be made. For example, when I was in sixth-form (which was only two years ago) I was able to literalise everything in computing using cheese sandwiches, monkeys and ‘roadman’ terminologies, otherwise known to my group as ‘chav speak’. A well-known example of this was when I talked about steps of the systems life-cycle using nothing but pictures as part of a presentation in April of 2014 where I described the steps with the given scenario that ”code monkey needs to deliver a solution to materialise grilled cheese sandwiches onto employee’s desks. Another was when I took the ingredients for a particularly bizarre drink and sorted them in a binary tree. The ingredients for said drink (twits tea) include a singular lemon, raw egg, Dijon mustard instead of two apples and some ground ginger. For the best experience, drink with boiling water and have your sick bowl on standby…

But I appear to have gone on a massive tangent..

So where was I, ah yes, lists. They’re everywhere! You have one for shopping. They provide goals and targets and reminders. To quote an old maths teacher of mine, your head’s full of rubbish, so write it down. In sixth-form, which was actually only two years ago, I churned out hundreds of ideas a day including orbital pencil dispensers, so instead of a head full of rubbish, I had an Evernote notebook full of entirely impractical ideas. Sure, some of them made decent blog posts, some of them had concepts that I could exploit and some even helped me to factorise polynomials much higher than the 5th exponent! Most of them, however, were utter tosh. The mere musings of a madman.

I have a list of things I need to do before I’m twenty

Did I complete everything on this list? Calm down, I’ve got two months yet, but yes. In fact, I’ve had to start adding new stuff to it. So what about the next two and Half years? I think I’ll take up wingsuit diving. It’s expensive and will require a lot of skydiving time, but I think I can afford it. As for the danger part? Well, I’m under the impression that nothing is dangerous if you have enough experience.

But I’ll probably tell you all about that in a future post

Right now I’ve got to setup Google Home!

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