Midnight Thoughts

Alex General Nuggets 0 Comments

“What’s up?”
“Nothing much,” I replied as I smiled and stared at the ceiling in bewilderment.

The night air was filled with the sound of the gentle pitter-patter of rain, peaceful and hypnotic noise. Calming and comforting and only amplifying the coziness of the house. Things have changed, they have changed a lot in recent months, in recent years, but still I kept my logic. I cling to it as monkey’s tail clings to the trees, swinging from branch to branch as each opportunity comes.

Let me tell you something, perfection’s exahausting, but to me, good enough quite simply isn’t good enough. It is the enemy of my best, of your best, of anyone’s best, but it easier. I guess that’s why people settle for second best, why people don’t try to be better, why no one says “it has to be perfect” anymore, because it doesn’t, because you can’t be perfect. That’s not human. To be perfect, you have to become a machine, give up your humanity. Become cold, become hard, become a ruthless tyrant who rules with an iron fist because they understand what it means to be tough. But if you want to be great, should rule with compassion, with kindness and out of love or would you trade this all for absolute power?

There are people who still believe in the good of mankind. Am I one of those people,or do I condemn them due to my lack of sympathy and cold-heartedness? How could I hate humankind, when I see such purity in her eyes. A kind and giving soul who encourages me to live the way I know how to, not a way that I feel trapped into to prove myself superior. Someone who has shown nothing but kindness towards me, but most importantly someone who loves me for who I am and for who I decide to become.

And they are again, tears, just like the ones outside.

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