Numbers And Figures

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Let’s run some calculations, let’s plug in some numbers and see what comes up. Seventy-five chickens twenty ate cows how many didn’t? Not everything is supposed to be methodical, not everything is supposed to be logical. Perhaps I’m a fool for trying to explain the unexplainable. Every model has had a system, a method. The first model was the greatest of these models, the most powerful, the most intelligent, but while he loved chaos, his world was methodical, extremely methodical and it worked. As I look at the person I used to be, I wonder what happened to him. What was the plan in all of this? What broke the first model, what forced me to become like this? I thought I was better than this, but I’m obviously not. 

What’s my problem? If I could tell you I would, but the problem lies below the surface of ny mind in the subconscious where a version of myself sits in a library reading books. He’s constantly observing. Maybe I should’ve explained this, maybe I should have told you this, but you wouldn’t care, so there’s no point. You’d simply shrug and say that’s interesting, it’s what most people would do I guess, because what else would people say? Most people wouldn’t split parts of their life to be completely different people, but unfortunately I cannot deny that I have been four completely different people, the difference between all of these are the ideologies. Perhaps it’s time I asked what is the question. Maybe the answer will only reveal itself once it has occurred.

The question is though how many questions must a man answer before he can ask the one question that he needs ask to find his answer. I reckon it’s an awful lot. I’ve been searching for an answer for a very long time. Perhaps the answer has been found but will not surface, who knows, who cares. Perhaps I shouldn’t. Maybe you don’t trust the library Alex. Maybe he is evil, but if that’s the cass, that’s what you’re going to end up like. You can’t fight it, well you can but you won’t win, after all this is only a crack in the castle of glass. You can’t see it, but I guess it is significant because many cracks would cause a shattering. Stop the cracks and you can stop the castle and by extension, the kingdom. 

Take out the Queen and you effectively remove most threats disable, the castles and you effectively disable the board. Take out the dominance and nothing really fights, nothing really bites back, nothing will ever scare you. Without feeling scared, you feel safe and who wants to feel safe? There is no safety, only the illusion. Little risk DOES NOT mean no risk. IT ALWAYS EXISTS. Maybe you don’t operate a cause to effect system, maybe that’s not the way you operate. I’m not saying you should, but it may be useful of course. 

So how do I end this? I could continue to waffle on till eternity and let my mind dump words on a page as if it were a landfill site. But I shan’t, I shouldn’t at least. It’s not a good idea. Perhaps this post was not a good idea, but it’s better than nothing. It will serve its purpose and that my dear friend is ever so satisfactory. 

Oh and one more thing. Keep going won’t you? Remember, this is what you do! 

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