The Only Member Of Network On Camp: Day Six

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The next day I woke up even later. I woke up at about 8:30. I thought I was the last one up actually.

Someone came to my tent and asked if I wanted an egg for breakfast

This was a sign that I was incredibly late considering that I was often one of the first people to be up. Of course my answer was “yes, of course I’d love an egg!” as if they even needed to ask! On entering the mess tent, I was greeted by an evening from one of the leaders, but it seemed that the other hadn’t woken up either. So after the quickest breakfast and washing up in history, I got into the minibus. We then headed to the forest of Dean for some Mountain biking.

I was far too safe a cyclist for this

When you go on a mountain biking route, like a proper mountain biking route for proper mountain biking hobbyists, you’re meant to go fast!  Surprisingly I’m not a mountain biking hobbyist, which to most of you may sound particularly shocking. Nevertheless, we selected the blue route and hit the trail hard.  Apparently I was deemed as ‘too safe’ to become the trail blazer, so I ended up being at the back to make sure no one got too far behind.

And then we saw red

For the final mile and a half we had to come off blue the route. Red routes are for advanced mountain bikers, so I was surprised that only three people had problems with it. Perhaps my hunger had inhibited my cycling. It was also a very hot day, but thankfully I had a hydration pack with me.

I slept in the sun like an old man

I was rather sore after the cycling so I sat in my chair in the midday sun with my book. It must’ve been a thrilling read because I fell asleep for a fair few hours.

Fish Friday

When I awoke, it was cooler. I’d had a nice nap in the hot sun and now the clouds were coming over. That was typical of the valley really! And so following the trend that was started almost a decade ago by Griffyn ESU, we decided to go for some fish and chips. This was the first time that I had been to Ross on wye and surprisingly it was bigger than I expected. It was certainly bigger than Monmouth anyway. Anyway there was a lovely fish and chip shop which we sat in and enjoyed a hearty meal. It was also at this point that my lack of film knowledge started to show.

The next day

We left….

Some of the highlights of the journey home included

  • Passing a very attractive blonde on the motorway.
  • Cruising through Guildford to avoid traffic on the M25.
  • Someone sitting on a red ants nest at the service station

All in all it was a great camp, even if it technically wasn’t in Wales.

The Only Member Of Network On Camp: Day Five

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So the eventful evening of CTF the night before caused me to sleep through the rustling in the tent that day. I should probably point out that the rustling noise is people getting up. I was very aware of how much noise occurred because of this.

It got to 7:50

At this point I looked at my watch and immediately sprang into action. I headed outside to see that it was a sunny day, which was a surprise considering that we were in a valley. It actually stayed sunny for the whole day.

People started to eat cornflakes

I know I was shocked too. I reckon that the coco-pops had run out. That being said, there were only two people who joined me in the ranks of cornflake eaters. Also did you know that cornflakes are rich in iron and vitamins? I only ask this because it was something that I kept getting told throughout the camp.

Then we did some bushcraft

I used to do quite a bit of bushcraft in my spare time last year actually. I did a bit of shelter building and string making out of all things. String making is actually one of the most fundamental things of Bushcraft actually because it’s such a useful too. This activity session involved making a shelter and the theory of how to make a fire in the pouring rain. I learned one thing from this session, don’t be cocky!

I lit a fire using a flint and steel


Yup one of these!

I turned into a modern-day caveman at this point. I was literally handed a bit of flint and a bit of steel as pictured on he right. I should probably point out that getting sparks from these is certainly not as easy as you’d expect, so I was pretty proud of myself when I managed to get a flame from this cold dull spark. The instructor of course decided to challenge me seeing as I was the only member of Network on camp and naturally I felt quite a lot of pressure. I kept calm however and worked through until I got a hot ember on the charcloth. I quickly put it into the fresh nest of grass and added oxygen until it began to flare up. This of course made me feel powerful.

The suck stone

After bushcraft we had a spot of lunch back on site. I then decided to go find this geocache that I had heard so much about. I headed out shortly after lunch to find the cache called between a rock and a hard place and I must say that I was quite impressed by it. Of course when I go geocaching, I always seem to take the more adventurous route, so what was supposed to be a ‘gentle stroll’ turned into what I call ‘quite an intrepid trek’, but one thing I will say is that it was definitely worth it! It just so happens to be my favourite geocache to this day!

Gas problems

When I returned, we had some problems with the gas, as in both little containers were completely empty. This was particularly a problem because we still had to cook dinner. So it was back to the minibus and the power ballads and the petrol station. Obviously it wasn’t particularly ideal that the gas emptied out at this point and I guess this could have all been avoided, however the issue was handled pretty well on the whole.

So this night we sweet and sour pork, there was one night when we had a Shepard’s pie rebellion in the supermarket, but I can’t remember what night this was. Instead of Shepard’s pie that night, we had an interesting take on pasta bake.

Hot chocolate at midnight

It was a strange feeling being the only one up at midnight. I decided to sit in my chair and look at the stars whilst sitting by the warm fire. I can’t remember what time I went to bed that night, but I felt relaxed and pleased with myself that day. I was quite sad that this camp was almost over really and that my last full day in Wales was tomorrow. Nevertheless I was still looking forward to it.


The Only Member Of Network On Camp : Day Four

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Wednesday was interesting to say the least. The day started off with me sleeping through my extremely quiet watch alarm. I was awoken by some rustling. I went in the mess tent to make a cup of tea to find that there was no water, so I took the water carriers as I went to use the facilities in the morning. I would like to point out that I did not decide to drink my own urine, that would be unhygienic and unsanitary considering that we had perfectly good drinking water about half a kilometre down the road.

At 7:30 there was only one Explorer up

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I  heard the distinctive “When does breakfast need to be ready” whilst putting the water carriers on the floor. Thankfully five minutes later breakfast was started. We had to be on the road by 8:25!

Power ballads

For some reason my old Explorer leader had six volumes of Power ballads. Unfortunately only three of them were listen-able due to plain boring tracks being on volumes four, five and six. We gave up in the end putting Bon Jovi on instead.

We arrived at a building site

The directions that I’d been given weren’t particularly helpful. We waited for about seven minutes before the activities person arrived who told us to follow him through a private residential area.

And then abseiled off a 50ft bridge

I’m not going to lie when I say that I was quite daunted by this, I certainly didn’t expect to abseil looking down at the ground. I’m not scared of heights, that fear was hammered out of me by the amount of high ropes activities I engaged in throughout cubs and scouts. It was quite the experience considering that the descent involved you removing your feet from the footing and swinging under the arch. The first time I went down I nearly hit my head of the stalactites (the things you often find in caves that hang from the ceiling) not that it mattered because I had a helmet on my head. I should probably point out that when you go forwards (unlike the conventional backward method) you must have your harness back to front! You are also constantly looking down, which scares a lot of people. Everyone who was a guy was complaining about how it hurt, which was interesting. I’m assuming that they’re harness wasn’t adjusted correctly because I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable painless experience.

The highlight of the week

For this activity I actually had a bit of a panic because the kit list said “Old hiking boots or grippy trainers that you don’t mind getting absolutely soaked. I didn’t fancy ruining my current trekking shoes or using trainers with virtually no grip whatsoever, so on Saturday I actually popped into the cheap shoe shop in town to find some grippy trainers. It was the one activity that I thought was going to be boring, but I can tell you that it was anything but boring. What was the activity I hear you ask?

Gorge walking AKA Gorge scrambling

The more appropriate name would have been gorge scrambling if I’m honest, because this was intense! Forget the walking part, that makes it sound like a leisurely walk that you would get tea and scones at the end of, this was however climbing up rock walls and jumping into plunge pools. Needless to say, everything was wet through by the end of it all. It’s strange how cold getting wet can make you…

A dutch oven curry

I put on some dry clothes and hung up the others to dry. Then we all hopped into the minibus and headed back to Biblin’s to cook some dinner. That night we were planning a korma because we had a load of out of date meat in our fridge which froze everything solid. I’m kidding, in fact we had some chicken in the fridge and it wasn’t frozen solid. I totally forgot to mention about our groovy gas fridge that one of the old leaders got before my time. We had a lot of problems getting that started, but I’ll gloss over that. So that night we had a chicken korma cooked in the dutch oven again, Bear Grylls would have been proud of us indeed.

Capture the flag

Or a bit of CTF as I would personally say. Everyone seemed to have problems mixing with the Bromley scout group, although I decided to let my grudges against them go seeing as they were nice enough to invite us over for a game. After all part of the law is that a scout is part of the worldwide family of scouts or as they put it in Beavers “Fun and friends!” It means the same thing really. Anyway I know all the secrets about CTF like using clicks to communicate, hiding behind trees and using the cover of darkness to your advantage.

The bomb

The bomb was a special rule that the Bromley scouts had put in place, it was effectively a water container full of glowsticks. Any team could pick it up and use it against their enemies. I think it froze the enemy team for approximately five seconds to be precise. Anyway I thought I’d found another team’s base, but I was confused when I saw no one around it. I should probably point out that each base had a specific colour of glowstick. My team was yellow, I think the other teams were blue and green. Maybe we were orange actually, you can tell I’m more of an attack player when it comes to CTF. As I got closer to the glow, I realised that it was a bomb.

My cover was completely blown

I didn’t actually know what to do with the bomb myself, because I was just there to keep the numbers up. I’m usually the stealthy guy who’s everywhere at once and I was until I picked up the bomb. I just ran back to the base as fast as I could with the bomb. Apparently this was so loud that I could’ve woken a deaf woman with the amount of noise that I managed to generate.

A short game

Unfortunately one of the members from the other team was injured and due to this play was stopped. I was really quite enjoying myself really, even if the game only lasted less than 20 minutes. I was even awarded a prize for finding the bomb, a red glowstick. We hung this with our banner as a sign of victory.

So this series is finally coming to an end. Just Thursday and Friday left. I might merge the Saturday with Friday, seeing as the most interesting part of Saturday was rolling through Guildford and me apparently falling asleep and missing the Severn crossing. Anyway tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the shepard’s pie rebellion and why not to be cocky around a Bushcrafter.



The Only Member Of Network On Camp – Day Three

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Tuesday was the day of the hike, if you could call it that. It was all very relaxed really, I decided to get up at 8:30 that day because quite frankly I didn’t need to sort out breakfast and I hadn’t really appreciated the sensation of being in a tent for these past few days.

I Got Asked About A Scavenger Hunt

When I stepped out and sat in my chair, there was a leader from the Bromley scout group who I was still a bit miffed with from Sunday. “Do you think you’ll be here for our scavenger hunt later?” Now there were a few Explorers up at this time sitting in their chairs as well, although I need a new one because I’ve had this one for ten years and it’s starting to fall apart, but anyway I digress. I told her that we were going on a hike and that we would be back later in the afternoon, which was what I’d been told the day before.

Who Can Get Signal First?

So after breakfast we set off on this hike, which really was more of a leisurely stroll. I mean it was about eleven kilometres there and back. Of course we decided to have a game of ‘who can get signal first’ I have no idea why I joined in really, I’d quite enjoyed not being able to be contacted and I’d enjoyed the fact that it hadn’t yelled space at me. Of course this all changed because I was the first to get signal which was indicated by five text messages. If you’re interested who won on the mobile network front, it was EE, followed by O2 then Vodafone and finally Three. So yes that was a bit of excitement.

I Think I See A Pond!

I forgot that the river Wye was to the left of us about half an hour in and said “there appears to be a pond on our right.” I felt like a right idiot when someone said “no that’s still the river Wye.” I mean I could understand my reasoning at the time. The route pretty simple really, it was a simple case of follow the river for approximately 6 clicks.

Geocaching In Monmouth

Brian and I might have driven through Monmouth on Sunday, but I didn’t realise quite how many Geocaches there were. I was given 45 minutes to myself in which I was able to sample the wonders of the Welsh market town. Of course I was completely irresistible with my scout scarf round my neck and GPS device in the other. I also got some dodgy looks as well when I went wading in a stream to go find one!

A Pub Dedicated To Us

In Monmouth there’s a pub called the Griffin, unfortunately I wasn’t able to sample its finest ales because I was meant to be a responsible adult and surprisingly responsible adults don’t go to the pub. It’s a shame really because it was our pub with our name and everything. Well that’s a lie actually, because for some reason the unit was spelt Griffyn as opposed to Griffin, no idea why, that’s just how it was for some bizarre reason.

“Red & Black Is The Colour Of Ninjas”

As we were walking back from Monmouth a man on a bike had a little chat with us. “Where are you from,” he said. I gave the usual response of oh we’re from East Grinstead. Fun fact for you here, no one seems to know where East Grinstead is in the world. Usually they just nod when you say Gatwick or say about 35 miles south from central London, which in other words means that they haven’t got a clue what you’re on about. He seemed nice enough if not a little odd. He told us that red and black was a ninja colour before cycling off with his troop.

And The Rest

For the rest of the day we just prepared dinner. I lied, it was actually beef stew on Tuesday as opposed to Monday like I thought. I can’t remember what we had for dinner that day if I’m honest. During this preparation, I was given a small talk on the dutch oven and seasoning works and why you should always coat it in olive oil. The Bromley scouts never came to do their scavenger hunt, I was a bit disappointed really. I was looking forward to the activities tomorrow though, which counteracted the disappointment.

The Only Member Of Network On Camp – Day Two

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Monday was a bit dry compared to the hecticity of yesterday, in fact it was far too quiet. Breakfast was supposed to be cooked for 7:30am so that we’d start canoeing on time. Now I managed to sleep through my incredibly quiet watch alarm, I swear it was about the same volume as a mouse’s squeak, but I’ll gloss over this because the stirring in the pod next to me in the tent managed to. So I shoved my scarf around my neck and headed into the mess tent.

Nobody Was Up

Both of the leaders had gone to use the facilities which of course was about half a kilometre down the road from our camp. I didn’t even know what the time was, so I assumed that I was late or something. It wasn’t until I looked at my watch that I thought ‘maybe I should cook some breakfast then’  because it was about 7:20. I guess it was to be expected that no one would be up really and still sleeping, because early is apparently before noon. So I got on the hot water and beans and one of the leaders got on the bacon, while the other one woke the rest up.

No One Likes Cornflakes Or Beans!

You’d think people over the age of fourteen would have grown out of chocolate rice krispies that make a bowl of cereal look like a bowl of… well poo. But no apparently coco pops (or whatever the Tesco own brand is) still appears to have the dominance, considering there was an unopened box of cornflakes. When I was pouring myself some from the box however I was told all about what I was eating, which I guess was a nice touch. I also served up breakfast and was shocked by the number of people who said “I don’t like baked beans”. I’m the person who can eat a whole tin of them and sometimes I’ll mix some marmite to spice it up a bit, so to me it seems a bit alien. Still not that I was complaining, more for me!

Then followed canoeing

081418_Canoe-KayakNow I’ve never actually been canoeing before, I’ve been kayaking a ridiculous amount of times. What’s the difference you ask? They look very different and they’re pretty hard to explain so I thought I’d provide you with a visual aid from and if you click that link, it’ll tell you what all the modes of transport are good for if you wanted to know that is. So yes that’s what a canoe looks like, reminds me of Canada. During the two-hour session we learned all the basics including how you’d tackle going up the rapids using a technique described as ferry gliding, where you move latterly across the river without drifting downstream.

I went for a swim and nearly drifted too far

There was then a chance to float downstream over the rapids, which was perfectly safe. I went over to the rocks at the top, stepped in laid on my back and let the current carry me. I used my arms to direct me. The only problem with being on your back is that you can’t see where you need to go really so I nearly went a lot further downstream than I should’ve done. Thankfully the stationary water on the right, I’ll call it a pool for reasons of ease, was quite long so I was able to direct myself into it without too much difficulty. I also managed to fall off my canoe in the balance exercises, so I ended up dragging it back to the launch point.

The Waterboy

I think I’d actually rather watch paint dry than watch water boil. Benjamin Franklin was right, a watched pot never boils, even the most minuscule amount didn’t seem to boil. I don’t know if the gas was set too low or something, but it just seemed to take absolutely ages. In fact if I took the total amount of time for each time that I boiled water, I’d probably be able to read two books given that my average reading speed is about 800 words per minute. But yes starting that day I was put in charge of water.

Some Scrambling

1124907There wasn’t that much to do in the afternoon because you only need four people to collect wood, so the rest of the Explorers accompanied me for a walk over the precarious looking Biblins bridge. I was just curious to see what was on the other side really, but of course its a valley so I don’t know what I expected really. It was really the Explorers who wanted to do some scrambling on the rocks in the valley, so I supervised for a bit, before we all headed back to prepare dinner, which was a stew cooked in the dutch oven.

I forgot to mention that it rained

I didn’t mention the showers because I’m actually immune to rain it seems. I would “man it out” every time it rained. Of course it didn’t rain during the scrambling because that would be very dangerous indeed and I’ve got no idea how the paperwork would pan out if anything happened in that case. We didn’t really get any really heavy rain, it was more short, sharp showers if I’m being truthful here. It rained more before I went to bed that night when everyone else decided to go to sleep at the very early time of 22:00. But I’m sure you’re fascinated to know that it rained in a valley.

Keep posted for tomorrow’s post of this series. I’ll give you a bit of a warning, if you found this post boring, then you’ll probably not enjoy tomorrow’s post. Wednesday’s will be more interesting because of the activities and for other reasons. Normal posting (ie not this post series) should resume on Monday the 31st of August.


The Only Member Of Network On Camp – Day One

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Everyone I know seems to be asking me left right and centre about this. For those who don’t know, I’ve been part of the Scout association for just under twelve years and my old Explorer group were running a camp in Wales that I was pretty keen to go to. Unfortunately I turned eighteen before the camp started. So I got DBS checked which was fun because some of the details were incorrect when we went through the system so I had to go sort that out, but overall it wasn’t that much of a big deal, prom was more hassle than that if I’m being honest. So I got the certificate which says I’m safe within a few days, which I was pretty surprised about considering I’ve heard all these stories that it takes absolutely ages! I suspect now that you understand all now so I’ll get on to what happened on the camp.

The Preparation

So on the day before the camp I checked all the kit was packed before getting two days worth of food for the kids and ourselves, then I went home packed my stuff and went to say goodbye to my friends. On the morning I woke up at 4:30AM because for some reason I was having weird nightmares about surviving a plane crash, which was probably a good thing considering I had to get to the hut at 6:30AM. I arrived, signed my own permission form, loaded up my stuff and was given a satnav instead of a map to do the navigating. I kept retyping in the postcode because I didn’t trust it! And then we were on the road.

Not Quite Wales

On the way to the campsite, I discovered that in fact we weren’t camping in Wales after all. That’s right we were in fact camping in Herefordshire at Biblins youth campsite, which is pretty close to Wales, in fact we were less than a kilometre from Wales according to my phone. So yes you could say I was lying to you when I said that I was going to Wales. Anyway we had quite a bit of waiting before the Warden eventually came along and told us where to pitch. Number 10 we had which was a fair walk from the toilets and also the Bromley scouts who I was a little bit miffed with because no one offered us a cup of tea! Whatever happened to the worldwide family of Scouts? So once we got our pitch site we setup camp, so I gave some assistance to the Explorers who were struggling with these weird alien looking things called tents. They’d been in those horrible green canvas ones their whole lives bless em. Once I’d delivered enough help to get them going, we looked in the back of the trailer and realised we’d forgotten something pretty important!

We Forgot The Sodding Saw

Of course this was vital because we need to chop wood to make a fire. Thus came my first mission find a local hardware shop. I made the incorrect decision of going to Monmouth instead of Ross on Wye and as a consequence of my actions, we cruised for forty minutes rocking out to some old skool tunes before biting the bullet, picking up some wood from a petrol station and heading back to camp.

Then I Burnt Some Custard

I’m not bad at cooking usually, I thought I’d do a bit of cooking for the first night, but instead I ended up preparing the custard for the pudding because two Explorers offered to cook dinner. It’s quite a simple process really, shove it in a dixie or a billy can and stir. We’d bought some carton stuff because it tastes just as good and I have a tendency to make blancmange otherwise. Anyway it was taking absolutely ages to warm up, so I stopped stirring for a bit and it began to get hotter very quickly. I started stirring again and said I’d give it a minute longer, which it clearly didn’t need because I could smell the custard caramelising, so I immediately removed it from the heat and served it very quickly.

I Went To Find A Welly

Then I went to find a Geocache which my phone said was 700ish metres away. I didn’t think that it would take that long. Of course I forgot we were in a valley so I climbed this pretty steep slippery valley with a trackable cuddly toy giraffe thing. The scrambling itself wasn’t the difficult part, I wasn’t expecting the bracken to be taller than me, that being said I enjoyed the adventure and eventually reached the cache which was in the shape of a Wellington boot. I was pretty chuffed and head back to camp in the dark and ended up scaring Bromley scouts by mistake.

I thought about doing one post to begin with, but the whole week is very hard to condense into one post. Therefore I’ll be releasing this series on the days of the camp as they happened. Now this post covers Saturday and Sunday, so the next post will cover Monday and so and so on. Catch you next week for the next instalments of this six day camp.

My Favourite Game Of All Time

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Warning, This Post May Contain Spoilers!

“Do you remember what mum and dad said? Stay up too late and you will be carried away by the monsters.”

But of course Terry wanted to meet the monsters so the evil Warabou came and kidnapped his sister Milly (known as Milayou in this game) while she was sleeping. It’s a strange sensation to see a monster just pop out of your drawer, it certainly surprised me.

I then met another monster called Watabou who told me to come with him to the kingdom of GreatTree!

I jumped into the drawer with him and was greeted by a man wearing what could only be described by my logic as a ‘coaty fleece’ who told me that the king was waiting for me. I’d been inside the shrine of the starry night which I had never heard of. The man called himself the master monster tamer, I personally thought he was a bit vain really. I was very confused why anyone would even dream of building a kingdom inside a tree, obviously termites and woodworms didn’t exist in this strange land.

And then I met the king of GreatTree…

l6e3nsykmojzu1chmrzxHe wasn’t very helpful and all he seemed to care about was this starry night, what was he Vincent Van Gough or something? He didn’t seem all there either bless him. He told me that if I were to win the tournament of the starry night, then I would be granted a wish. I didn’t have any other options really, I’d always wanted to meet the monsters anyway and I was going to win this competition, that I was a dead certain about! I went upstairs to the monster farm excited to get my monsters from a man called Pulio, who’d let all the monsters escape apart from the previous king’s slime known as Slib.

The king slammed Pulio in the dungeon for letting all the monsters escape.

The king said that he’d release Pulio if I could “catch” Hale who had escaped behind what are described as the Traveller’s Gates. So I proceeded to these gates where I encountered many monsters including Dracky and Anteater and finally Hale the healer who looked very much like a jellyfish. “The farm is boring, I don’t wanna go back,” is what he said. After defeating Hale, he wished to join me on my quest. I of course accepted him into the party and Watabou took me back to the castle.

Pulio was freed and my journey began!

On returning to the castle I explained to the king that Hale wanted to stay with me. He understood and released Pulio. To become a monster master is a tricky task, I will have to compete in tournaments to get to open new gates with stronger monsters, I will have to tame monsters to like me, I will have to train them so they become stronger and I will breed them to make more powerful monsters.



So no prizes for guessing the game I’m afraid. I’ve owned this game for about 8 years now and maybe it’s a gameboy colour game from 1998, maybe the graphics aren’t as great as they are now and maybe the music does your head in if you listen to it for too long, but that doesn’t mean that’s it’s still not an epic game. In Germany everyone was so confused to how I could play this game for such a long time and not get bored with it and that’s because it’s my all time favourite game and nothing compares to it.

It’s Pretty Strategic

Every monster can learn up to eight skills that is dependent on the monster and its level. These skills are all really powerful and useful, although obviously some skills are better than others.  When you battle with other monsters each monster is already set to the ‘Charge’ method. There are four methods you can choose from which are as follows.

  • Charge: Your monster will attack and use offensive skills.
  • Mixed: Your monster will use its supportive abilities to help it allies and hinder your opponents.
  • Cautious: Your monster will defend and use defensive and healing abilities.
  • Command: You can pick exactly what you want your monster to do, but this cannot be used in arena battles.

You can have a maximum of three monsters in your party which all battle as a sort of gang or a group against another group of monsters. The rest all go to the farm and await for you to pick them up.

You can’t catch monsters as such, rather tame them

When you tame a monster, it becomes your pal and will fight for you. There is a chance that monsters will become your pal without feeding them treats, but these are often weak monsters found behind the earlier traveller’s gates. The treats in order of tastiest to most foul are Sirloin, Rib, Pork Chop, Beef Jerky and Bad Meat. Of course there are some monsters that these treats have no effect on, although you won’t meet them until later on in the game.

“You can only gain certain monsters through breeding”

Breeding is key in this game, they emphasise that a lot throughout the game and evenrainhawk after the starry night tournament.  Create the ultimate monster they say, well that’s more the master monster tamer if I’m honest, but they do emphasise it a hell of a lot! Through breeding you can get better stats and you can get higher level monsters, as they’ll have higher level limits and because they can reach higher levels they’ll have the potential to have better stats too. The skills of the parents get passed to the offspring and of course they’ll learn skills of their own too. Some monsters require lots of training before they become powerful, whereas some become powerful very quickly.

Watabou locked the monsters behind the Traveller’s Gates


This is from the gate of Labyrinth, although is not my party of monsters. You can see the traveller’s gate in the middle.

According to legends in the game Watabou locked the monsters behind the Traveller’s Gates so that they wouldn’t disturb humans. These gates are indicated by the spinning spirals that appear pretty much everywhere in the kingdom and not just inside the chamber of the traveller’s gates. I mean they appear in the arena, in the monster farm, the bazar, in some man’s house and there’s even one down the well of the local witchdoctor! After you defeat the monster behind the gate, it will no longer spin, but instead become a static spiral indicating that you have cleared that gate.  When you’re behind these gates, there’s the potential to meet foreign masters (Masters from other kingdoms that are also in trees) which all do different things. For example one guy will heal you, one guy makes your monster stronger by giving them special medicine, one guy moves you through many mystic holes closer to the final floor of the traveller’s gate and the others just give you stuff.

It’s Rewarding And Challenging

It’s the clever mechanics like breeding that make this game so rewarding and at times it can get pretty challenging especially when you go without a healer or when your spells are blocked or when you’re faced with uber powerful monsters like evil lords. Breeding rare monsters can prove to be an even trickier challenge and you’ll really want some of the evil lords to join you, not that they will. Some monsters just won’t become your pal, but that’s their loss.

So yes my favourite game without a doubt has to be Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Gameboy colour. I’d like to see other games incorporate such story with strategy. I think square enix said that they were planning to make a remake in 2011 for the 3DS but that seems to have gone quiet now. Anyway I like the game as it is and think that a remake would probably spoil its appeal and they don’t make games like they used to after all in what other game do you get to jump into a drawer and get transported to the magical kingdom of GreatTree?

So what’s your favourite game and why? I’d love to know. Why not leave a comment below or maybe even write a post about it and I’ll talk about it in a future post. Also if you liked this post don’t forget to share it and if you want to see more like this post, then feel free to subscribe.


System Down (Fictional Story) – Chapter 9

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Binaromenation sections exist in every living organism, although few are able to truly awaken them. This section of the mind shows many similarlities to computer architecture. Not only can it perform hyperlogical evaluations and complete multiple calculations extremely quickly, but the code of the binaromenation section can be modified to make its own operation better. The binaromenation section even causes the structure of the brain to change and will also change how you think on every level, turning any being into a hyperlogical super genius if the procedure is successful.

According to Illuminati’s classification of binaromenation, there exist more complicated sections (C.S) and less complicated sections (L.C.S). The more complicated architectures are able to understand instructions written in higher level command scripting languages, whereas less complicated required a lot more thinking to convert the code into a valid number base such as binary (base two) or hexadecimal (base 16).

In 2004 the first binaromenation to understand BASH was discovered and was given the name type one organic Linux. Type one organic Linux was revolutionary because of the way that the section was able to partition itself in a way that didn’t damage the workings of the human mind like other more complicated sections, but when trying to activate a Linux binaromenation section, most people would die due to their minds being stuck in an infinite “boot loop”.

My binaromenation section is type two organic Linux, a new type of section that appears to be almost identical to that of type one organic Linux. The only differences consist of hidden partitions of the section and lower level systems that existed inside them. This is something that the Illuminati would never find out and never did. My purpose was far greater than I even anticipated and far greater than anyone else invisionsed. The Illuminati in fact had such big plans for me that they held a separate file with the name ‘Operation Fermenaco’. This file was unknown to me at this time and I had no idea what on earth would follow, all I knew is that this was going to be completely different to anything that I had done before and that in itself was fine by me.


So that’s the ninth chapter finally complete. If you haven’t read the rest of the chapters, then have a little read or just skip ahead to the next chapter which I’ll probably get out before September.


What’s The Wi-Fi Password?

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The most common question asked by my generation is not “What’s a cheeky Nando’s”, like a lot of people think it is, no it’s more like “what’s the Wi-Fi password?”.  It saddens me to think that many people are addicted to this technology that really shouldn’t dictate our lives, but it’s pretty clear that it obviously does.

Okay Wi-Fi is useful, extremely useful in fact and yes with truly extortionate roaming charges, I can understand why people would want to avoid texting and calling other people back at home whilst away. I mean who wants to pay 50 pence just to receive a call when you can easily Skype someone for free and I won’t even mention how you’ll end up spending a small fortune ping ponging text messages back and forth!


It’s like everyone is a Wi-Fi zombie!

Let me put it this way though I can personally live without internet access for a week but apparently about 88% of people can’t it seems or have great difficulty doing so at least. I don’t have a problem with people using Wi-Fi but you don’t need internet access every single day for 24 hours a day. Maybe it’s because we’re effectively swimming in the stuff, I mean British Airways have even had Wi-Fi on some of their flights and P&O ferries were trying to sell me it when all I wanted was a packet of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps! There’s a lot of very addicted people quite frankly because it’s Wi-Fi here, Wi-Fi there, Wi-Fi is bae and give me Wi-Fi!

Alright so now we’ve established that most people are dictated by Wi-Fi, what’s so bad about it? Well I’ll start off with a statistic which will probably not come as a surprise to you and that is 90% of 18-29 year olds sleep with their phones I’d like to point out no they’re not banging their phone or I certainly hope not at least, no what I mean by ‘sleep with’ in this case is that they’re taking their phone to bed and using it and due to a result of this people aren’t getting enough sleep.

“Well this is certainly nothing new” is something that you might be thinking and no it’s not anything new, it’s cold hard facts that have been the case since 2012 if not longer. But it’s not just smartphones that are keeping us awake, it’s laptops, tablets, any internet enabled device really and it’s these devices that are causing us to lose sleep because of two reasons:

  1. The electrical activity of the brain rises, which unsurprisingly shouldn’t happen just before you go to sleep.
  2. Small amounts of light from the screens delay the release of the sleep-inducing hormone known as melatonin which leads delayed sleep phase syndrome.

In plain and basic English this basically means that if you stay up later consistently, then your body won’t be able to physically go to sleep until the new time that’s been set from the above two reasons.

And Wi-Fi doesn’t just intrude on our sleep

No in fact it can make us infertile, can reduce brain activity, damage child development and even affect cell growth.


Narf indeed pinky!

But I’ll skim over all these because most of these studies are still in early stages and need much more testing, that being said we still shouldn’t be worshipping Wi-Fi or sending praises to the God of Wi-Fi! It’s something we should all be able to live without and certainly shouldn’t dictate our lives, so use it, abuse it, but don’t become a Wi-Fi zombie.


After A Month Of No Posts, I Return

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It’s been a month since my last blog post, I haven’t really felt like writing since I’ve come back from Germany. I guess you could say that my mind has been preoccupied with other things really, like attending barbecues, going to London, camping and going geocaching in some of the most amazing places. July and August are always a really busy months for some reason, I never really understand why, but I guess the summer is a pretty good time to get stuff done because of all the free time you get.

So I looked at my drafts this morning and found 21 posts there!

All were about half done and then there’s the one post that I don’t dare publish! i_like_trains_by_lasconi-d61az90It’s about the time I took a train journey in December and it makes me sound like the I like trains kid. It’s strange that really, when I can’t be bothered to shave my Dad says to me that I look like shaggy from Scooby Doo, but one of my friends is convinced that asdfmovies based the I like trains kid on me. The rest I can probably work with even if there’s about five I need to bin. Actually I write a lot of posts when I’m out and about, chances are if you see me on my phone vigorously typing away, then I’m probably writing a new post.

I’ve actually also been working on help repositories.

They’re all hidden at the moment because I’m still experimenting a lot and they’ve priority over posts seeing as they were meant to be released about a month ago. Whoops! I finally made a decision to leave Afternoon Teacraft as well after giving this so much thought, I left a very “I’m done with this” statement for the other staff to look at. I’m pretty sure that they could tell I was getting pretty bored and it got to a stage where I didn’t care about anything, a stage where I thought to myself, “well I could do this, but it’d be pointless” in fact everything I did felt like a waste of time.

I also went camping

But that’s got a whole post of its own because of how epic it was! Overall I can’t believe that there’s only 14 days of summer left, considering this time last year I was still mucking around with my messed up thumb, oh how times have changed in a year. So here’s to my return.

But wait there’s more.

Recently some of my friends have started blogging, they’re all using, but we all have to start somewhere! I’ll be sorting out my directory soon so you’ll be able to find these bloggers and any other blogger who I happen to make connections with in the next few days. I’m sorry Elliott I know said that I’d talk about The words of someone who doesn’t know better last Thursday, but I’m a little bit rusty on the old post writing here. I don’t know why I had so much difficulty writing this considering I wrote two more this morning and now it’s 17:42 and I’ve got an hour to iron this post and get it published. Do like a bit of pressure. Anyway this week I should be able to get the post schedule under control again so sit back and enjoy these posts I’ve lovingly prepared this week.

Thanks for bearing with me!