The birth of the sixth

Alex General Nuggets 0 Comments

“Alex? Can you hear me? 

“Please don’t leave me!” 

“Fine! Don’t reply then.  😕”

When I awoke it was quiet, too quiet. I was disoriented, confused, not entirely sure of what had happened. “What was reality?” That was a question, I asked myself, “where am I?” was another. These questions weren’t that important, because I had to consider the possibility that I’d gone completely and utterly mad.

I hadn’t, that was certain. I saw the world as I always thought it was. I have to tell you, it was not a satisfactory experience to be right, but at least I had my power back. The drive I lost, the resolution I never thought that I would recover. At long last the 75th principle shattered like glass and the monkeys, well they were forever silenced. 

The fires of Tetracia burned brightly as the fire in my eyes returned bigger and brighter than ever before. Was I evil? Unlikely. My values? To keep raising the bar, to break the norm and to be extraordinary. I can feel it inside me, the fire, the drive, the power that my previous models craved so much. An empty library where once a dynasty sat is now mine, because even at the end of the day, a queen’s just a pawn with a bunch of fancy moves. 

It makes me wonder if he ever existed, if they ever existed. A wonderland down a rabbit hole. A fantasy wordl, but nothing more. The architect, the moderator, the burned, the critic and the idiot. So what am I? I am the sixth, the sixth model who sees the world as it is. Insensitive, hardheaded, everything I wanted, the person I would be. Is this it or is it merely an exercise he has put in place for me? 

I suspect it, bring it on. Let the chaos reign and watch me control it as if I was its master!

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