The Book 

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I walked into the library, I demanded answers to my questions. Library Alex just sat there quietly reading his book, a red coloured hard back titled “Tetracious Theory”. At first he ignored me, then his eyes darted to mine and back to his book in one swift movement. I heard the caw of a crow, it gently glided down to perch on his shoulder. He stroked the underside of its beak, which seemed to delight the bird. I stood there, staring at him cruelly and coldly. Just who did he think he was? A smug grin crept over his face, my patience was running thin, I was itchy and irritable at the lack of answers. 

Library Alex now stared at me, the smirk covered his face as he continued to scratch the underside of the crow’s beak. Confidence oozing from every part of his body, the fire of his eyes burning brightly, his determination which never ceased. He was not weary, understandably, he’d never lost a game of chess. At last he spoke, well if you could call telepathy speech.”Catch,” he said and with that he tossed the red book towards me. It was deceptively heavy despite its A6 size and although I could hold it fine in my right hand, I understood that weedier people would not be able to do the same. As I opened the book I was horrified to discover that all the pages were blank, completely clean and white as a sheet. As I looked closer I thought I saw something move in the page. The crow came to sit on my shoulder and read the book as if there were words there, still I saw nothing. As I began to stare and look closer I began to see letters appear, then words and then sentences. They all read the same “You’ve learned nothing yet!” I ripped out the pages, chucked them and the cover all over the floor, I stamped on it and threw a tantrum. “just like a child, thankfully I have more”. His whole manner was irritating, but perhaps that was the point, because people who knew all the answers and never shared them actually really irritate people. It’s human nature, I guess. I am just an observer where my observations, my sensations and judgements mean nothing. Significance is independent to each observer. 

“You have much to learn Wornast. You have experienced many things, you have sampled many different flavours of pie, freedom and variety is what you seek, ethical use of power is something you must learn. You want answers? You can’t have them I’m afraid. First a lesson must be taught.” And with a snap of his fingers there I was, in the desolate desert with the sun beating down on me. I had to remained determined this was a test and I could not give up. The crow let out a cackling caw and I (yet again) was forced to trudge the desert in the boiling hot sun, but I guess that’s the way it works. Whatever is soft must become hard, that was just the way and that is how it should be. Pfft, that was rich, since when had shoulds got me anywhere. I guess the only way to find out is to play the game, so it is that I shall play and play that I shall!

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