The Maddest Brit In Iceland: Day Three

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I did not miss Jeremy Corbyn on this bustravel tour! I much prefered our new guide for the south coast tour, which is where I went today. 

The tour guide was much more interesting than the day before

I am probably saying this because I was preoccupied with sorting out some stuff for my gold DofE qualifying expedition. I know,I know, I’m meant to be on holiday, not answering emails about Scouting! 

We saw a waterfall flowing upwards

Because the winds were so strong! Normally waterfalsls don’t defy gravity, but this one certainly did momentarily. Of course, what goes up, must come down, so it wasn’t entirely disobeying gravity, merely rebelling against it like a stroppy teenager. 

And then proceeded to get soaked by one

There was a very impressive waterfall that made the ones you’d see in the UK look like a massive joke! Thankfully I had my full waterproofs on, so I wasn’t particularly soggy, only on the outside. 

We then went to the “most dangerous beach in the world”

Sounds like a joke right? Let me tell you, it is not. Loads of tourists die each year in Iceland because they don’t listen and get whisked away by the sea, where they die because of cold water shock. 

We then went to see a not very impressive glacier

It was not very impressive because it wasn’t particularly very big. It was also covered in fine particulates or basalt and gravel. In addition to this, we weren’t allowed to go past the sign due to the glacier being unstable. That, I thought, was a bit of a bum. 

Finally, we walked behind a waterfall

That makes it sound like I literally walked through a waterfall. That does sound very impressive, but while I might be the Maddest Brit In Iceland (at least for now) I’m not THAT mad. There was in fact a path that lead around the back of the waterfall. 

And got soaked again!

No one ever tells you how wet that you’re going to get when you walk behind a waterfall, still as I said earlier, at least I had my waterproofs!

We arrived back in Reykjavik where it was sunny

The temperature was exactly the same as it was in East Grinstead surprisingly, so I got changed out of my wet clothes and put on clothes that I thought were much more reasonable for these temperatures! Of course for me that means t-shirt, jeans and standard jacket rather than thermals, fleece and ski jacket. 

We also found more statues

My friend decided that it was appropriate to pose with a statue, which actually looked pretty cool. Because of this, I also decided to have my picture taken with the statue. 

Then we balanced some rocks on top of each other

It was actually surprisingly easy to do. The beach was full of these rock stacks. In Iceland, they call them seristeinvarða but they’re also called cairns in the UK. The purpose of these were to help people find their way around before the days of GPS and mobile phones. A bit like a waypoint. I was quite proud of mine to say the least.

Before packing up and trying to sleep

Of course Icelandic people love to stay up late even if you have to get up at 05:30 in the morning! I can however forgive them for butchering Queen’s I want to break free, although, I really shouldn’t… All in all, not a bad trip! Next stop, France! So they were partying still at 23:00 and that was pretty late when you have to be up early!

And that concludes this post series!

I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want to read it again or missed a few, then you can click here to see all the editions of The Maddest Brit In Iceland!  I hope you all have a great day!

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