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The tetraspace? You know Alex, you can’t just shove the word ‘tetra’ in front of something and expect it to become a thing! You’re not even listening to me, are you?

Shhh you, let me welcome everyone back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tetracious Frustration. It’s been a while since my post in January, where I wrote about leaving the past behind me. Shortly after this, I went skiing and met some delightful people from Ireland. Whilst there, I spent €50 on some raw beef, a coke and a double espresso in the notoriously expensive, Courchevel. Surprisingly, I also did a hell of a lot of skiing and fed various nuggets of information, by powers who were significantly wiser than myself. Well, I say much wiser, they did try to get me to chat up this French waitress. I mean don’t get me wrong, she was very attractive, but she wasn’t what I really needed that night. Anyway, as fascinatring as this sounds, allow me to get underway with today’s post.

What is the Tetraspace?

It’s my bedroom. Yes, that is how I refer to it on, a day-to-day context, when I’m inviting strange women back from the closed down nightclub of Grinstead. Lame joking aside, of course, it’s a place that’s changed a lot from the desk, bed, laptop and whiteboard setup from my days of sixth-form.

It basically looks like this


Allow me to assure you, it is a rarity to see my room quite so tidy. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll know that I like to keep everything in a state of ‘organised chaos’. That is to say, I know where everything is, but it’s still pretty messy. I should’ve probably put a motion sickness disclaimer on this post because that picture is just a little bit trippy. One thing that usually surprises people about the Tetraspace, is the fact that it has no desk, instead, I have a 43-inch telly with a three seater orange beanbag. I also considered getting rid of my bed and replacing it with a few pillows on the floor. While this would free up a lot of space, I decided against it simply because I just couldn’t justify it.


  • Mood lighting (voice activated controlled by Philips hue)
  • A printer (prints from anywhere in the world)
  • An orange bean bag (has seen far too many things in its lifetime)
  • A humidifier (to ensure that the air is always moist)
  • A PS4 (the only console worth buying at the moment, sorry Nintendo fans!)
  • Renfuku (she’s my small but powerful Mini ATX build computer)
  • Retro-gaming lighting (Tetris and Pac-Man lights)
  • Speakers (I need a new cable for these)
  • Lots of books (Mostly psychological thrillers)
  • A rather large amount of storage (Rumour dictates that you could enter the wardrobe and lose all perspective of time and space)
  • A digital piano (that I’m still learning how to play)
  • A bin (which really needs a clean)
  • A shrine (purely for meditation purposes)
  • Penguin shelf (I like penguins, go figure)
  • Amazing views of my road (and garage)
  • And finally, a bed (which is where I store all my alcohol)

What inspired you to make your room like this?

It’s hard to say. I’ve always enjoyed rearranging my room and having my own space which I can dictate. It started off in June when I wanted to optimise the amount of space I had in the room and then I had the idea of turning the room into a man cave. I only started making massive changes in July and from there everything kind of just happened. I am pleased to say, that I’m pretty much done with this now. Maybe, I’ll repaint it a bit, but as for terms of style and tetraciousness, it’s pretty cool right?

Wrap Up

The Tetraspace is pretty much my version of a man cave, where I could practically spend most of my time in if I so wished. It has a futuristic, modern and generally hipster mood to it, but most importantly, it’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for your own room? Either way, I’ll finish this post off with some shots of the Tetraspace.

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